About Evergy Ventures

Evergy Ventures is the non-regulated investment affiliate of Evergy, Inc., an all-electric utility serving more than 1.6 million customers through Kansas and Missouri. Our investment portfolio includes a wide range of businesses, and we are particularly focused on exploring unique opportunities that are aligned with Evergy’s core mission to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. Our well-respected team of investment professionals has deep experience in both regulated and non-regulated energy solutions as well as investments, entrepreneurship and business strategy.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Evergy Ventures, our door is always open to innovative and progressive companies within the energy value chain. The electricity sector is undergoing profound transformations enabled by new emerging technologies. These new technologies have the potential to decarbonize and democratize the energy value chain in ways that can help humans thrive. We invest in companies that make these technologies more accessible, cheaper, more efficient, and connected for both our utility and customers.

Our strongest partnerships come from growth equity investments in revenue-generating businesses that are primed for expansion and could benefit from a well-capitalized strategic partner with deep industry knowledge.

Our core focus areas include:

  • Energy Storage
  • Grid Modernization and Planning
  • Digital Utility
  • Connected Mobility
  • Utility-focused AI

While we proudly invest in companies across North America, we’re pleased to call the Midwest our home and have a particular affinity for businesses in our region.